LLYNMASE is a Nigerian based company situated in Abuja that offers a wide variety of services including development of essential services.
Health sector globally have fundamental problems which should be resolved and our team in LLYNMASE developed a prototype design to urbanize the economy in the Health sector called Electronic Health Individual Account (EHiA).

Issues in the health sector have compounded healthcare services in most countries and in recent times urgent attention in the health industry will revolutionize the sector positively.

…EHiA” with its hitch free initiation will work seamlessly allowing all Nigerians to have access to efficient Healthcare services via the GSM (Mobil Phones).

Our prototype design is to provide efficient Health care for all Nigerian/Africans regardless of their LOCATION; RURAL AND URBAN; BANKED and UNBANKED; RICH and POOR; AGE LEVEL: Adults and Children.

Clients monies will be rolled over at the end of every year
Patients can borrow money to solve health issues from our HMO
Upon sudden death, the balance can be willed to next of kin.

The integration/implementation of our HMO will certainly drive across all sector of the economy and benefits are enormous to all system incorporated, though the fundamental ones are as follows:


  • Providing health care services to all Nigerians through a channel that is almost stress free/low cost.
  • Reducing high death rates in Health Care centers because of timely/insufficient funds.
  • Assisting the sick at the point of need (via-private/public contribution) media.
  • Provision of long term/lifetime scheme solution to individual health care
  • Reducing the lengthy payment procedure for Health care services by patients.
  • Promoting further NHIS/Health Care Providers by integrating EHiA in rural/urban areas.
  • Providing 24hrs instant Health Care service by registered Health Care Providers.
  • Aiding Government/Private Health Care scheme to work smoothly
  • Advancement of NHIS/Health Care Providers into rural areas.
  • Yes
  • No

EHiA is an extremely technical system, of which we have summarized for your understanding.