Lord Llewellyn


Chief Executive Officer

Being the CEO of Llynmase Group is an exiting experience. You decide the pace which things are done, in my view I chose to deliver efficient and timely decisions  which definitely yields profitability. My joy over time has been that the  team efforts to deliver efficiency has been awesome.It basically reflects that the experience over 15 years has paid off. At dawn every day when the clock thicks my vision becomes clearer which is simply to deliver excellence. I hope the world will understand.

Phone: (+234) 80347-39454 

Fax: (N/A)

Email: llewellyn@llynmase.com

Website: www.llynmase.co.uk

…My inner desire propels me daily and gradually I go through storms….

The company is committed to long-term view, reflecting in its investment on research and development in the 2007- 2008 fiscal year. In 2008, Lord Llewellyn introduced how to solve business problems using fundamentally  ways, by pointing out three (3) major keys known as (TAP)Time, Accuracy and Perfection, Lord trained  staff and others relentlessly in various languages.

In 2009, Lord Llewellyn introduced Business Consulting in LLYNMASE and since then, he has been consulting for private Organization.

Since 2013, Lord Llewellyn has maximally created opportunities and employment for people in the labour market. In July, 2013 Lord being in full control advanced services in consulting by embracing the automobile industry (YANKARI MOTORS LTD) a franchise of PEUGEOT AUTOMOBILE NIGERIA(PAN) as the Business Consultant, he was the Resident General Manager of the Workshop.

Late 2013, Lord lunched a new section in the company “Financial Institution licensed by CBN known as Llynmase Bureau De Change, a sub company that its business is trading in local/foreign currency.
For business development, Lords’ Initiatives is targeted towards global solutions and innovations with the hope that in the centuries to come, solutions for critical areas/problems will be available for all.

Custom Design 90%
Business Consulting 80%
Management 70%
Project Management 89%