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In a World where our targeted customers are, we pioneer the Latest Conception with effective marketing.LLYNMASE notion rates you first in todays’ (Corporate Business Style). Ours is an organization that seeks to facilitate the rapid faction towards set targets. SERVICES & PRODUCTS


With Subli-printing technology, everlasting impression can be printed on virtually any Subli- package, any Organization’s logo or identification can be printed on various packages like:-

Subli/Monogram on T-Shirt       Face caps/ Towels (Monogram)

Clipboards                                          Mouse mats

Wall & Table Clocks                        Ceramics Mugs

Metal Billboards.                             Glass/ Unisub Award Plaques               

…A wide perspective of print products can be used in Corporate Offices, Hotels, Malls, School, Restaurants and Homes!

Gold/Silver/White Aluminum Metals for: –

* Metal Photographs              * Metal Complimentary cards,      

* Metal Identity Cards           * Door/Directional signage  

 * License Plates                       * Metal Certificates

* Table Signs/ Metal label   * Name-tags    * Security Badges

Our certified print products are extremely Durable, Economical and Stylish. Our print is meant to withstand all Climate and heavy usage. With this (Crystal – Clear Invincible Images) LLYNMASE offers WARRANTY only against unintentional damage.

Our service package for our client include: GRAPHICS
Our service package for our client include: MARKETING AND ADVERTISING
Other service for client include: INFORMATION COMMUNICATION TECH.

Solutions built on a strong foundation:

Fundamental to the company’s success is the ability to operate as a seamless resource, providing an ever-expanding array of solutions, leading-edge technology, and premier client services. LLYNMASE has learned that it is not enough to develop revolutionary products-there must be a customer-driven solution to approach product development. As a result, we provide complimentary products and services that are guaranteed. The goal is to present it simple for user, yet allow them to build a profitable business around the technology with full product warranty and satisfaction guaranteed.

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A partner now and in the Future:

LLYNMASE technologies offer unmatched service and support with a dedicated staff of knowledgeable professionals. LLYNMASE leverages strategic partnerships, proprietary Business technologies, Cooperate Business partners and complimentary printing technologies to provide the progressive tools necessary for clientele to achieve profitable results, now and in future.

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